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Are Tumaz Apparel x Monster Training Weightlifting Straps Durable?

This weightlifting Strap was jointly invented by us and Dr. Li-An Ho from Monster Training.


In addition to being tested by all coaches of "Monster Training" and "Tumaz Strong", the tensile test was also conducted by a notary organization and the test results showed that the body did not break when the "single strap" exceeded 551 kg, so you can definitely rest assured. It is easy to use and very durable.

I like to look taller and stronger. Which one do you recommend?

【Tumaz Classic Tee】

It is easier to show your musle. It is comfortable and low-profile to wear, fitted but not tight.

【Tumaz Revival Tee】

The fabric has a thick feel and good drape, and it looks excellent.

【Tumaz Joggers】

Straight and durable, suitable for both sports and leisure!

I like the soft, breathable and comfortable clothes. Which one do you recommend?

【Tumaz Classic Heather Tee】

Heather's style is simple but not easy. 

The Heather fabric is thick and smooth. Skin-friendly and soft, It is highly stretchable and can be easily worn by pregnant!

Which sport is suitable for Tumaz Clothes?

Tumaz Clothes are suitable for every indoor and outdoor workout, designed for all environments. Including weight training, yoga, CrossFit, climbing, jogging. 

What's the special points about Tumaz Apparel's fabrics?



Every fabric from Tumaz is carefully created by the Tumaz Team.

Tumaz is very rigorous in production and development, so it takes 10 months to complete every fabric.
Each of our clothing has an excellent moisture management system. Every small detail allows you to maintain the best condition during exercise, so we can create an "Ultimate comfort" for the subtropical climate.

Tumaz has its own testing standards at a third-party notary agency, ranging from yarn count specifications and process to finished product specifications and function settings. All designs and production are completed according to different parts and wearing purposes; each process's persistence will keep you at ease while wearing it.

<img src="eco-friendly-high-tech-fabric.jpeg" alt="eco-friendly-high-tech-fabric">

Is Tumaz Apparel's fabric eco-friendly?

Tumaz Apparel has introduced the concept of environmental sustainability in production and development in many aspects.


◾Comply with Oeko Tex® Non-toxic certification

◾Water washable labels use a high proportion of soy ink

◾Develop no spandex textile products

◾Develop lightweight textile products to reduce water resources for dyeing

◾Provide reusable environmentally friendly clothing dust bags


Tumaz Apparel has always been an environmentally sustainable company.

How do I choose Tumaz Apparel's clothes that suit me?

Choose based on your favorite sports and the field of wear

1. High-intensity exercise: You can choose the Classic Series

2. Leisure style: You can choose Everyday Series and Urban Series

And then choose the appropriate clothing according to the recommended size chart corresponding to your body shape.