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Rules of Membership

加入會員立即獲得 $30元購物金

Join Tumaz member ! New customers will be received $30 gift card immediately.

注意事項 Terms and Conditions


1. VIP&SVIP會員時效於生效日起:一年,當滿足累積消費金額之續會門檻條件,會籍將會自動延長。
Membership valid for one year, when the consumption renewal conditions are met, the validity of the membership  will be automatically extended.


Different levels of membership will be held from time to time, with discounts on events and exclusive gifts.


Valid upgrade amount must be "PAID" order, "CANCELLED" order cannot be used.


4. 生日禮購物金於當日發送,使用期限30日,須於生日前1日完成會員註冊後即可享有。
VIP/SVIP will receive the birthday gift card on your birthday, the use period is 30 days, you must complete the membership registration 1 day before your birthday.


5. 消費時如未登入會員,則訂單金額無法納入累計。
If you do not log in as a member while consuming, the order amount cannot be accumulated.


6. VIP週三會員日免運費活動僅限台灣、中港澳新馬地區會員。
Member's Day free shipping is limited to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia.


7. 購物金與會員消費累積金額以個別會員為準,不同會員恕無法合併計算、轉讓。
The accumulated amount of gift card and member spending are accumulated in the same member account. Different members cannot be combined or transferred.


8. 新客首購金使用期限為7日。
New customers receive a $30 gift card, use period within 7 days


9. 有任何其他會員相關問題,可於官方網站內留言詢問。
If you have other member-related questions, plaease leave a message on the official website to us.


10. Tumaz 保有調整及最終解釋權之權利,最新內容請以官方網站或相關公告為準。
Tumaz reserves the right of final explanation, and the latest announcement will be published on the official website or relevant final content.